faith-based social action case studies

Interfaith Action

not for profit organisation working with young people and students from all faith backgrounds, across London to develop interfaith volunteer projects

Interlink Foundation

Interlink’s mission is to strengthen Orthodox Jewish community organisations and interests, improving access to services and achieving better outcomes for disadvantaged people.

Jimmy's Night Shelter

Continuously meeting the needs of homelessness since 1995

Lighthouse Project, Hull

group paddling
working with women involved in the sex industry in Hull

London Buddhist Centre and Breathing Space Programme

Meditation in London
The LBC is one of the largest urban Buddhist Centres in the West.

Mitzvah Day UK

Mitzvah Day UK

Mosaic Community Trust

mosaic community trust
The Mosaic Community Trust is a registered charity established to promote community cohesion and religious harmony by increasing mutual understanding, respect and trust amongst people of different faiths and beliefs.

North London Muslim Community Centre

proud that it does not close its doors to anyone and for some projects has over 25% non-Muslim users.


Pecan is a Peckham-based charity changing the lives of long-term unemployed people, ex-offenders and the disadvantaged: we never stop believing in the potential for change in everyone.