"Night Under Nets" - updated

19 Apr 2010 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Organisations working together in the run up to World Malaria Day,

Update from the organisers
 "Night Under Nets has just got even more exciting:
The lovely people at Sumitomo Chemical who make the anti-malaria Olyset Net, have announced that:

For every person who walks through the door at Night Under Nets, an anti-malaria bed net will be donated in your name.

Every £5 bed net will protect an entire family from malaria. So you will be saving lives just by turning up! "
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In the run up to World Malaria Day, Tony Blair Faith Foundation, the Faiths Act Fellows, Malaria No More UK and London’s Holy Trinity Brompton Church are coming together to bring you Night Under Nets - an evening of food, fun, and entertainment. It’s also an opportunity to learn more about this killer disease and take action.

The organisers warmly invite you, your friends, communities and your networks to join them for "Night Under Nets" on Monday 19th April, 7 - 9pm at Holy Trinity Brompton Church, London.

See the attached flyer.  Get all the latest info at www.faithsactfellows.org/nightundernets

About World Malaria Day
April 25th is a day to mark the global effort to provide effective malaria control around the world, and to help turn the tide on up to 1 million entirely preventable deaths affecting mainly women and young children.

The year 2010 marks a critical moment in time. The UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon has called for universal anti-malaria bed net coverage by the end of the year, we only have a matter of months to achieve this goal. Now is the time to take action. 

World Malaria Day represents a chance for all of us to make a difference. Reducing the impact of malaria will be a major step towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals, a set of commitments made by 189 nations across the world made in the year 2000 to build a more just world. These include not only the goal of combating the disease itself, but also goals related to women's and children's rights and health, access to education and the reduction of extreme poverty.

The event organisers say:
"Working together on a shared cause, can also help build trust, understanding and respect between the world’s religions.  Join us on this World Malaria Day – let’s take action together."

how to book: 
Go to the website
Holy Trinity Brompton Church
Brompton Road, London SW7 1JA
2 hours
organised by: 
Tony Blair Faith Foundation, the Faiths Act Fellows, Malaria No More UK and London’s Holy Trinity Brompton Church