FbRN Director on Radio Kent

Editor's note: Before Jane Winter, Executive Director, FbRN gave her personal reflection below, she had the opportunity to talk briefly about FbRN's mission and role.   

BBC Radio Kent Thought for the Week Sunday 11th March 2012

Celebrating the oneness of God through acts of loving kindness.

 I recently attended the launch of a new national faith based activity called A Year of Service. It is co-ordinated by people from the nine faith traditions with government backing. The idea is that people of one faith invite those from another or no faith, to join them in celebrating a festival through volunteering that benefits the local community. It is a reciprocal project, so having invited a faith community to share in your social action you might then join in volunteering as part of their festival celebration. There is a website with full details of the festivals and how to get involved www.ayearofservice.org.uk

One phrase struck me at the launch at the Baha’i centre in London. ‘A Year of Service celebrates the oneness of God through acts of loving kindness.’  It has remained in my mind for over a week and got me thinking: What would our communities look like if we all contributed an act of loving kindness every day? It could be so simple - to invite a car driver to go before us, to open a shop door for someone, to offer kindly words. It could be bigger like sharing in current or new volunteering through A Year of Service.

Loving kindness is not just being kind. It is an important concept in every faith tradition. It has an extra deep dimension to ‘kindness’ because loving kindness comes from God. It is about the way we express the relationship we have with God, and, the relationship, however we understand that greater being, him or her, has with us and offers to others.

When we celebrate the oneness of God through acts of loving kindness we open up the potential for God to be recognised in our communities.

What would your community look like if you and those around you contributed an act of loving kindness every day? You won’t know unless you risk trying.
That web address again:www.ayearofservice.org.uk

Enjoy loving kindness today.