Practical Spirit

Interactive project development for faith based organisations involved in social action

In Practical Spirit members of ten faith based social action projects share their learning about different aspects of project development. They illustrate how their faith values infuse the particular aspect of project management they discuss. They offer real practical advice drawn from theory and experience.

You will discover more about:

  • managing volunteers
  • becoming an effective communicator
  • holding your faith values when managing finances and grant funding
  • turning evaluation from a bore to a benefit
  • and much more

The booklet supports the video interviews, and then invites the reader to participate in reflection on their own faith based social action project in the light of the learning offered.

Readers are encouraged to share their learning with FbRN.

To order copies of the booklet please email  to let FbRN UK know:

  • How many copies you would like
  • Where to send them to
  • The name of your organisation
  • The date they are needed by
Please entitle your email “Practical Spirit”

To download a pdf version, please click here


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