St Philip's Centre, Leicester

Specialists in Religion & Belief Training, Courses and Community Engagement

Introduction to Social Enterprise & Legal Structures

Mon 7th Dec
Uday Thakar the Managing Director of Red Ochre will help you explore the practicalities of starting a social enterprise

Faiths 4 Change

helping faith communities to work in partnership to create sustainable communities through a shared concern for the environment


Swindon Young People's Empowerment Programme's aim is to develop a healthy human spirit in children and young people, and adults who work with them

East London Mosque and London Muslim Centre

east london mosque
host a wide range of services and projects, many in partnership with other organisations

Bradford Trident

The Bradford Trident geographic area.
faith communities contributing to the Bradford New Deal for Communities

Al Ghazali Centre, Liverpool

Al-Ghazali Centre building
provides a wide range of support to the whole of the local community in Liverpool 7

12 - Faith and Social Enterprise

The key characteristics of social enterprise and what it can do for faith-based organisations.

11 - The basics of fundraising

Dos and Don'ts for fundraising and how to put a proposal together.

10 - Evaluating and assessing performance

A look at the four most common types of evaluation, and some key definitions.
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