Make a Difference Week event - Repairing the World - What can We do?

16 Oct 2011 (All day)

In London, Redbridge Faith Forum and Sukkat Shalom Synagogue, Wansted are working in partnership with Redbridge Enterprise Plc and Redbridge Recycling team to provide an afternoon of inspiring activities and promote environmental awareness. Suitable for all. Refreshments provided but vegetarian contributions welcome.  Free.

The Jewish Festival of Sukkot, a harvest festival that focuses on travelling and living in temporary homes is being celebrated at this time. Participants will be able to visit the Synagogue's impressive Sukkah, a temporary shelter made with branches and leaves that is filled with harvest fruits, vegetables and other food items.

Refreshments will be served but, if you can, please bring a vegetarian dish to share.

Come along and see what you can do to make your world a better, cleaner and environmentallyy-healthy one.

how to book:
Sukkat Shalom Synagogue
Victory Road, Hermon Hill, Wansted E11 1UL
Afternoon 3pm-5.15pm
organised by: 
Redbridge Faith Forum