Intern or volunteer with FbRN


Paid internships and volunteer positions at FbRN

We will shortly be seeking three new people to work at FbRN to assist in the essential functions of financial administration, communications and social media, and event organising.


Financial administration volunteer

We will be seeking someone who can assist in the process of moving our relatively simple financial operations to a completely paperless environment and then to maintain our financial records on a week-to-week basis.  We expect that after the initial set-up period the work will involve no more than about an hour a week.


Communications and social media intern

It is essential for FbRN to ensure that our website and bulletins are current and useful, and that we maintain a regular visible presence on social media.  Under the guidance of our communications consultant this intern will seek out new stories and information and ensure the regular flow of information to our members.


Events intern

FbRN has a reputation for high quality events ranging from our national conferences to smaller training events.  We plan to expand the range of this provision, particularly out of London.  Under the guidance of the Executive Director the events intern will be responsible for logistical planning and for marketing events to potential participants.


As a small organisation it is assumed that the actual work of the interns will be flexible and will overlap where necessary.  Both internship positions will be paid at an equivalent of the London Living Wage (£8.80 per hour).  There will also be opportunities to expand the role in conjunction with partners at the new ‘Inter Faith Hub’ offices in central London where we will be moving before the end of 2014.


If you would like to express an interest in any of these positions please write, with a CV to the Executive Director, Steve Miller at If you would like an informal conversation or more information, please free to contact Steve.

Variable - Internships are paid